MultiCam Inc. now offers plasma operators an option for drilling and tapping large holes in steel plate. The new Max40 drill and tap spindle mounts next to a high-performance Hypertherm torch on MultiCam’s 6000 series bridge and rail plasma system. The Max40 spindle can drill holes up to 1.125 inches in diameter and has an optional eight-position tool changer for automatic tapping as well. The system also has an optional Z-axis probe to accurately determine the Z-axis plane on warped or inconsistent sheet. This option allows the system to drill and tap blind holes accurately, the company said. Coolant is applied through the center of the cutting head, allowing operators to extend the life of the tooling and improve the amount and location of lubricant applied. The 6000 series plasma and the optional Max40 drill and tap spindle provide plasma operators an opportunity to expand their cutting capabilities, said MultiCam representatives.

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