Green Zone Control dampers are now available from Alan Manufacturing Inc.  The dampers are available in round 4 inch to 24 inch and equivalent rectangular. Retrofit models are available. The unique gasket moves with the blade. Any thermostat can control the motor, which uses no springs. There is a three-year warranty.

3927 E. Lincoln Way

Wooster, OH 44691

(800) 435-2526


The Allegiance 15 is American Standard’s most efficient single-stage air conditioner, offering up to 17 SEER. Available in 1.5- to 5-ton models, the Allegiance 15 operates with minimal noise, even on the hottest days, and features a Duration compressor and Spine Fin coil, delivering unsurpassed reliability and performance.

6200 Troup Highway

Tyler, TX 75707

(903) 581-3200


Fiber-free, mold-resistant AP Armaflex and AP Coilflex Duct Liners are safe, sustainable “all in one” elastomeric foam alternatives to fiberglass.  Patent-pending AP Coilflex is especially value-added for the sheet metal fabricator. The highly bendable liner reduces fabrication time and costs with long-lasting durability which supports sustainable building requirements.

7600 Oakwood St.

Mebane, NC 27302

(888) 570-DUCT; fax (919) 304-3720


Arzel Zoning Technology introduces CoolMizer, the industry’s first economizer/fresh air intake system designed for residential and light commercial split systems. CoolMizer delivers both ventilation and free conditioning by selectively introducing outdoor air with any ducted heating and cooling system. This product reduces energy usage while allowing for cleaner, fresher air around the clock.

4801 Commerce Parkway Cleveland, OH 44128

(800) 611-8312; fax (216) 831-6074


With recycled content of at least 60 percent, ToughGard T and ToughGard R combine strong green profiles with unparalleled performance. ToughGard duct liners deliver excellent thermal performance to keep cool air cooler and warm air warmer. Their enhanced airstream surface provides best-in-class moisture resistance and withstands rough handling during installation and cleaning. An EPA-registered anti-microbial agent reduces the potential for microbial growth.

P.O. Box 860

Valley Forge, PA 19482

(800) 233-8990


Greenguard Schools & Children-certified Flex Duct has a metalized jacket with embedded scrim for tear resistance around formaldehyde-free insulation over a metalized two-ply polyester core with encapsulated wire helix provides pressure ratings of plus 16-inch and minus 1 inch.

815 Kimberly Drive

Carol Stream, IL 60188

(800) 624-8642


Grinding is greener with hemp-backed flap discs. CS Unitec’s Plantex flap discs grind steel, stainless, aluminum and non-ferrous metals. Plantex uses an eco-friendly 99 percent natural hemp backing plate containing no fiberglass or epoxy.  Safer to use, easy to trim and completely disposable, Plantex is the competitively priced green alternative. Available in 4-1/2 inches to 7 inches in diameter, 40-120 grits.

22 Harbor Ave.

Norwalk, CT 06850

(800) 700-5919


Design Polymerics is an industry leading manufacturer of LEED qualified sealants, adhesives and mastics for the HVAC industry.  DP 1010 , DP 1020 and DP 1030 sealants are water-based, UL Listed, indoor/outdoor, rated to 15 inches of water gauge and meet all SMACNA seal and pressure classes.

11609 Martens River Circle Fountain Valley, CA 92708

(800) 641-0808; fax (714) 432-0660


New Stick On Duct Takeoff – Fast and Easy Installation. The new Stick On Duct Takeoff from Don Park features a rigid 1.5-inch mounting flange, screw pilot holes and a 1/8-inch-thick double-sided adhesive gasket. Features include a design height of 6 inches, with or without balanced damper assembly. For complete product information

842 York Mills Road

North York, ON M3B 3A8

(888) 622-3084; fax (416) 449-2615;


Reuse, reuse and reuse. The Ductcap cover is designed to protect the entire air-handling system during construction. Using a Ductcap cover on all unfinished ends, helps prevent moisture, dirt particles, dust and debris from entering the air-handling system. Ductcap allows for easy handling with ends covered and fits any shape duct.

2763 Fairway Drive

Willmar, MN 56201

(320) 212-3226; fax (320) 231-9389;


GreenSeam is Ductmate’s patented snap-lock pipe with a Zero-VOC gasket along the longitudinal seam. We also proudly offer our new sealed fittings: conicals, collars, and HETOs are now sealed at the riveted and co-latch seams. GreenSeam pipe and fittings give you a low-leakage, pressure-ready system as soon as the seams snap together.

210 Fifth St.

Charleroi, PA 15022

(800) 245-3188;  fax (724) 258-5494


Several Duro Dyne adhesives and duct sealants products comply with the South Coast Air Quality Management rule No. 1168 and VOC table and thus can be used for IEQ Credit 4.1: “Low Emitting Materials: Adhesives & Sealants” when used on the interior of the building and applied on-site.

P.O. Box 9117, Bay Shore, NY 11706 (631) 249-9000


Clean air is essential for green buildings.  Dynamic Air Cleaners easily retrofit to existing systems, making them high-performance IAQ options to offer on any sales or service call.  Removes smoke and odors. Dynamic also provides NATE certified IAQ training to help technicians better understand and communicate options to homeowners.

P.O. Box 1258

Princeton, NJ 08542

(800) 578-7873; fax (609) 924-8524; 


Greenheck’s new Vari-Green motor is a brushless DC (electronically commutated) high-efficiency motor that runs off a 115 volt single-phase input. The Vari-Green motor runs quieter, cooler and offers higher efficiencies with improved speed control capabilities as compared to standard motors. The Vari-Green motor is capable of operating from 20 percent to 100 percent (80 percent turndown) of full speed versus 70 percent to 100 percent (30 percent turndown) for PSC motors.

P.O. Box 410

Schofield, WI 54476-0410

(715) 359-6171; fax (715) 355-2399;


Gripple cable hanger systems are more environmentally friendly and six times faster than traditional threaded rod, helping you save money and the planet. Made-to-measure kits optimize raw materials and reduce waste. Compact and lightweight products result in fewer materials to transport. One pound less CO2 per foot than threaded rod.

1611 Emily Lane

Aurora, IL 60502

(800) 654-0689 


Hardcast, a Carlisle HVAC Products (CHP) brand, offers a variety of duct liner insulation adhesives that meet credit requirements for LEED IEQ 4.1 / SCAQMD Rule 1168. These low-VOC products allow contractors and building owners to meet the standards set forth by sensitive buildings such as schools, churches and hospitals.

900 Hensley Lane

Wylie, TX 75098

(800) 527-7092; fax (972) 442-0076;


The Smart ERV uses patented poly-wheel technology to pump out stale air and pump in fresh air while capturing up to 80 percent of the energy within the exhaust. It constantly supplies fresh air to provide a healthy indoor environment by reducing odors and/or indoor pollutants. It also humidifies or dehumidifies the home as required. This product promotes indoor air quality, as well as energy efficiency.

5030 Corporate Exchange Blvd. S.E. Grand Rapids, MI 49512

(800) 433-6341

(888) SELKIRK 735-5475 (Canada)


Eco-Blox snow guards are comprised mostly of recycled 5 gallon water bottles and compact discs. Our polycarbonate snow guards feature large, forward mounted faces that help prevent the dangerous movement of snow and ice on metal roofs. We offer the choice of adhesive or mechanical attachment and six models to fit most panels and budgets.

1405 Brandton Road Mechanicsburg, PA 17055

(800) snojax-1; fax (717) 697-2452; 


The Green Energy Management Book gives contractors, technicians, and students the trade secrets of the pioneers in the field of energy management who were the vanguard of the green movement for over 20 years. This easy-to-use guide gives step-by-step guidance on how to: evaluate job opportunities, market and sell energy management services, conduct a walk-through survey, perform an energy audit, master electric company bills and calculate savings, and assess and implement energy conservation measures and retrofitting.

2381 Sleepy Hollow Ave.

Hayward CA 94545-3429

(888) 452-6244; fax (510) 785-1099;


Acousti-k27 double-wall, round and flat oval, spiral lock-seam ductwork is fabricated to exacting tolerances that make it easy to assemble. This insulated ductwork provides excellent acoustical control, and with its energy-saving thermal properties and leakage rates as low as 1/2 percent of 1 percent it can help your project qualify for LEED credits.

One Mission Park

Groveport, OH 43125

(614) 829-1200; fax (614) 829-1291;  


This UL Listed and Classified sealer has a high bonding strength for sure, first-time sealing of joints in HVAC metal duct systems. It is suitable for indoor and outdoor applications. Its ready-to-use consistency will not drip or run, making applications easier and faster. Its high solids and low VOC content qualifies it for LEED Credit 4.1.

2400 Fairwood Ave.

Columbus, OH 43207

(614) 829-1200; fax (614) 829-1488;


Mon-Eco Industries has introduced the Eco Duct seal 44-52 with low levels of volatile organic compounds. While sharing many of the performance characteristics of the Eco Duct 44-52, this new low-VOC version is also solvent based. The product meets the U.S. Green Building Council’s LEED and Ozone Transport Commission VOC standards.

5 Joanna Court

East Brunswick, NJ 08816

(800) 899-6326 


North States Steel is in the LEED to keep our planet clean and green.  Our carbon steel sheets and coils come from mills which use recylcled metal. North States Steel has for years recycled its by products.  All paper from coils are reused in packaging, we pick up and reuse our hardwood skids, and have recently changed to a recycled plastic banding which creates zero waste.  In addition, our wood scraps from skid production are sent to a local saw mill to be mulched up for horse bedding.  North States Steel constantly strives to find new ways to recycle or use recycled products.

12255 Route 173

Hebron, IL 60034

(815) 648-1500; fax (815) 648-4185


Stay green with our Blue Ductwrap, another innovative, labor saving product from PPI. Profab Ductwrap is an inexpensive way to maintain clean duct by capping your exposed duct ends. Profab Ductwrap is strong, flexible and easy to apply. Available in many widths. Call Production Products Inc. for low prices and quick delivery.

30487 Potomac Way

Charlotte Hall, MD 20622

(800) 231-8040; fax (301) 472-4300


Manufacture a variety of kitchen range hoods both standard sized and customized, and washroom fans for single and double bathrooms. Also manufacture a variety of dryer booster fans, in-line fans, fans with / without built in fire fighter damper, fans with light and built in fire fighter damper, general exhaust and intake fans and blowers, through-the-wall fans, garage fans, pressurization fans, tube-axial fans.

790 Rowntree Dairy Road

Woodbridge, ON, L4L 5V3

(866) 890-6457; fax (905) 851-8376;


Softaire energy star fans are suitable for installation over bath tub or shower stall with GFCI protected branch circuit. Extremely quiet performance at very low energy consumption, designed to provide fresher and cleaner bathrooms and it’s the quietest fan in the market place.

790 Rowntree Dairy Road

Woodbridge, ON, L4L 5V3

(866) 890-6457; fax (905) 851-8376;


High performance buildings require high performance products.  From the building envelope with Ruskin sunshades reducing thermal loads and easy-install, moisture-preventing louvers to Ruskin’s labor saving dampers and air measuring and control products throughout the ductwork, we have the green solution for you.  For LEED projects, Ruskin identifies products for saving energy and improving the indoor environment in this comprehensive brochure.  For more information visit your local Ruskin representative at

3900 Dr. Greaves Road

Kansas City, MO 64030

(816) 761-7476; fax (816) 765-8955; 


Our skilled and certified HVAC experts provide the assurance needed in building construction to meet the highest standards for energy conservation and efficiency. We are the work force of choice in the sheet metal and air conditioning industry. Check us out at

1750 New York Ave.

Washington, D.C., 20006

(202) 783-5880; fax (202) 662-0880;


Shurtape’s line of HVAC products meet building codes and contribute to LEED® point certification because we primarily use 100 percent solids or water-based adhesives when constructing our products.  When specifications call for solvent-based adhesives, we go the extra step and capture any emissions to eliminate them from the environment.

P.O. Box 1530

Hickory, NC 28603-1530

(800) 438-5779 


The Enterprise N AirFlow table (patent pending) is designed with an outside air intake and internal exhaust chamber system. Supply air for the exhaust is  drawn from outside your building.  The Enterprise N table is divided into multiple cutting zones.  Dampers in each zone open and close to concentrate exhaust.

P.O. Box 2673

Cedar Rapids, IA 52406

(866) 963-9325


HeatBloc-Ultra is the top-rated, spray-applied attic radiant barrier on the market. Contractors find it to be a great addition to their product offering. HeatBloc-Ultra reduces the heat gain on the home making the HVAC equipment perform better, and on the insulation making it more efficient.

347 Highway 289

Comfort, TX 78013

(830) 995-5177


Contractors: Want to secure more work and enhance your company’s reputation? Become ICB/TABB-certified.

• First and only ANSI-accredited

HVAC testing, adjusting and balancing certification program

• Endorsed by SMACNA

• Uses ANSI-accredited ITI certified technicans

• Low certification costs

Don’t get left behind. Apply online atwww.TABBCertified.orgor call 800-458-6525.

601 N. Fairfax St., Suite 240

Alexandria, VA 22314

(800) 458-6525; fax (703) 693-7615;


The Trane XL20i SEER rating of up to 20 is among the highest rating of any air conditioner available. The XL20i has two compressors: one for milder weather and a larger compressor for extremely hot days. The XL20i includes the ComfortLink™ II communicating technology with the industry exclusive Charge Assist™.

6200 Troup Highway

Tyler, TX 95707

(903) 581-3200


Green HVAC is all about energy savings. Zonefirst offers a complete line of motorized dampers to shut off and prevent rooms from being over-heated or cooled.  Dampers can be individually controlled or as part of a zone control system. Damper systems are easily inserted into existing and new duct systems.

55 Bushes Lane

Elmwood Park, NJ 07407-3204

(201) 794-8004; fax (201)794-1359