United Dairy Farmers has chosen the E2 Facility Management System from Emerson Climate Technologies in order to reduce energy costs.

The company is just one of many convenience store retailers who have installed Emerson’s E2 system in an effort to monitor and manage energy consumption within their facilities. Already installed in a number of locations, the retailer plans to upgrade all new and existing stores with the system. United Dairy Farmers operates nearly 200 convenience stores across Ohio, Kentucky and Indiana.

After analyzing operational data for their entire enterprise, United Dairy Farmers realized that improvements in energy efficiency, maintenance and product protection needed to be made. By applying Emerson’s E2, United Dairy Farmers has documented an 8 percent reduction in electrical consumption and a 5 percent reduction in demand.

“With more pressure than ever on operating profits, our use of Emerson’s technologies have delivered greater energy and maintenance savings than any other initiative,” said Brad Lindner, CEO for United Dairy Farmers. “This helps our store managers focus on delivering the superior customer service United Dairy Farmers is known for, while enabling our operations team to save energy and ensure stores run optimally.”

Mark Dunson, president of Emerson Climate Technologies’ relation solutions division, said that his company has been thrilled to help United Dairy Farmers.

“We are proud to be working with United Dairy Farmers, and are excited that they have chosen to use Emerson’s products and services. It is our goal to improve human comfort, safeguard food and protect the environment,” he said.

According to Emerson, the E2 manages all lighting, refrigeration and HVAC systems in a convenience store, including the anti-condensate heaters on glass door display cases. As with other retailers, United Dairy Farmers is also using the E2 to remotely control their fuel pumps - a strategy which has led to a reduction in service calls and maintenance costs.

The E2’s built-in peak demand control algorithms and integration with smart utility meters also allows United Dairy Farmers to directly monitor a store’s power usage, shedding non-critical electrical loads when power consumption is in danger of exceeding a desired level. This demand-shedding strategy allows United Dairy Farmers to minimize electrical demand charges and ensure that stores never exceed their allowable power usage - all without the addition of extra hardware or control systems. Integrating all of these systems into the E2 enables multiple stores to be monitored from a central location.