Mobile resource management company Xora is offering a new GPS system that will aim to help AT&T Inc. customers lower their fuel costs.

GPS TimeTrack In-Vehicle is the latest software from Xora. It can be used alone or with the mobile phone-based Xora GPS TimeTrack. The system provides businesses with up-to-the-minute location, speed and stop information for vehicles and other mobile assets. AT&T customers can track field personnel and activities from a single password-protected Web site.

With GPS TimeTrack In-Vehicle, managers have Web-based access to real-time vehicle and mobile asset locations, so drivers can be routed more effectively. Managers also can be notified via e-mail or text message as important events occur, such as when a vehicle is speeding or has been stopped too long, or if a vehicle has crossed a designated geographic area.

Engine idling alerts also aim to help businesses reduce fuel consumption, engine wear and tear, and avoid fines. By monitoring these activities, Xora officials said businesses could better utilize mobile resources, reduce fuel consumption, improve productivity, and lower operational costs.

“GPS TimeTrack In-Vehicle will help our business customers save money and be more productive, both of which are crucial in this tough economy,” said Igor Glubochansky, director of industry solutions for AT&T Business Solutions. “Because installing the GPS modems and activating the Xora service is quick and easy, customers can begin realizing the time and cost savings almost immediately.  In addition to the obvious bottom-line savings to AT&T customers, organizations utilizing GPS TimeTrack In-Vehicle from AT&T can also benefit from improved vehicle monitoring, utilization and security.”

Other features of the software include access to Google Maps, “geo-fencing,” which enables companies to track movement in and out of designated areas, detailed mileage reports, and more.