Trumpf Inc. says that it has a new way for users of its electric, battery and compressed air power tools to recognize them.

All products will have the name of TruTool, followed by the “core” name. For example, the N 500-8 nibbler, is now the TruTool N 500. The company is extending its uniform naming system to the power tool division as it already has for its machine tool and laser technology.

Company officials said they believe that this will more readily differentiate Trumpf equipment from the competition and strengthen the Trumpf brand.

The new names all consist of four parts: First is the prefix “Tru” for Trumpf, followed by the word “Tool,” which includes all Trumpf electric, battery and compressed air tools. Next is the core name without suffixes. This core always contains an abbreviation of the machine type, such as PN for profile nibbler, and a number, which describes power characteristics. The company’s new profile nibbler, the PN 130-0, will now be the TruTool PN 130.

All product extensions such as version numbers or other specifications have been dropped. They will be replaced by exact descriptions. Another example that illustrates the new names is the C 250-0 Plus Li slitting shears are now the TruTool C 250 with chip clipper and Li-Ion battery.