New for this winter’s working season, Desa Heating has introduced the Pro-Tough series of forced-air heaters. The manufacturer reports that the product is a professional-grade, workspace-friendly, versatile-fuel, forced-air heater. Desa Heating also claims that the Pro-Tough heater weighs less, operates more quietly and is more maneuverable and portable than traditionally designed forced-air heaters. Fuel options include kerosene, diesel, jet fuel and fuel oil. Desa engineers included several design features in an effort to improve portability and performance. The new Pro-Tough heater is designed like a heavy-duty wheelbarrow with ergonomic handles and a single, 10-inch pneumatic tire that treads easily. The heater weighs 10 percent less than older Desa models. The Pro-Tough series also includes a 13.5-gallon fuel tank for extended running time before refueling.

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