ProTech Systems offered an educational seminar called “Learn and Earn” for its national sales representatives Sept. 6-7.

Discussions on the venting industry and sales and marketing techniques were covered.

ProTech Systems hosted the second annual event at its headquarters in Albany, N.Y. Participants had an opportunity to meet the employees, take a tour of the manufacturing facility and gain information on new products, the industry and sales techniques.

“It’s always beneficial to see how products are made and meet the people we associate with. Putting faces with their voices helps a great deal,” said Matt Shearman of Paragon Sales & Marketing. “There are many people I converse with and have no idea who they really are.”

In 2005, Jim Spiak, PTS sales and marketing coordinator, along with the entire company team, developed the educational seminar to accurately train representatives on trends and technical issues within the venting industry.

After years of traveling around the country to trade shows and conducting seminars at these events, Spiak said he realized the current structure was not as productive and efficient as it could be. He said there are too many distractions at trade shows and many of the representatives have multiple obligations.

After the success of the 2006 event, ProTech began improving the structure and content for this year’s seminar.

“While we are educating our reps, they are returning the favor by providing very valuable information from the field,” Spiak said. “This feedback helps PTS in developing additional products, tools and resources for them. It’s a team effort and without effective communication and continuing improvements, the team will never be as strong as its full potential.”

Attendees had the chance to work on installing the newest vent kits for tankless water heaters and by learning how these products perform. Martin Wawrla, ProTech System’s CEO and president, felt the sales staff should know the products they sell and said the best way to learn is by seeing and doing.

“Creating a strong business relationship between the reps and our company is a top priority,” Wawrla said. “Improving the relationship by educating and communicating is the mission of the Learn and Earn seminars. We achieve this by engaging everyone within the company to participate; from the sales team to engineers, the marketing team and the president, everyone participates and shares their expertise with the reps.”