Workhorse has re-introduced its FasTrack program, providing integrated walk-in trucks, which the company says are easier for dealers to stock.

UNION CITY, Ind. - Workhorse Custom Chassis has re-launched its FasTrack program, which provides integrated walk-in trucks under the Workhorse badge.

Since 2000, Workhorse sold standard models of walk-in trucks with one invoice and warranty for body and chassis. The company explains that by eliminating separate chassis and body orders and warranties, the program creates a walk-in truck that is easy for dealers to stock and easy for customers to buy.

"Quick and easy truck selection and delivery is especially helpful for the small-fleet owner unfamiliar with the different specs these trucks can have," said Jay Sandler, Workhorse vice president of commercial products. "They just want a truck that works with them, and they want it now. This program gives them that."

The new FasTrack truck for 2007 has a standard body by Utilimaster and new W42 chassis from Workhorse. The company says it is more maneuverable, with a 50-degree wheel cut, and gives the driver better control with high-performance Brembo brakes and four-wheel Meritor Wabco anti-lock brakes.

The FasTrack models come in five body lengths, ranging from 10 feet to 18 feet.

"We think many types of businesses can take better advantage of the tremendous utility of the walk-in truck if it is simply easier to get. Not that it's better to drive, that's another plus," said Sandler. "The models we offer are based on our long experience with the industry."