Service contractor Elite Electric in Port St. Lucie, Fla., will open its doors June 23-24 to other contractors to show the fundamentals of running a service business.

The program is called Money Masters, and is sponsored by Nexstar, a professional training and development organization for independent service contractors. According to Nexstar, the program is a combination business seminar and tour, which aims to help owners better understand how a good business is operated.

The two-day event will present the company's fiscal management techniques and explain how to create changes in a company that will be effective and profitable. At the event, contractors will have an opportunity to see how the shop successfully changed course from being a 100 percent new-construction company to 100 percent service work in a short time.

Nexstar also says that attendees will see how the husband-and-wife ownership team works together, and they will have the opportunity to meet and question the owners, technicians, staff and managers of the company,

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