ROCKVILLE, Md. - Five thousand missing-children posters have been distributed to 184 service contractors under the MSCA's Project Home Again program.

The Mechanical Service Contractors Association's program has assisted the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children in their search to locate missing, kidnapped and runaway children since 1998. The program provides contractors with the opportunity to assist in their local communities while increasing awareness and eliciting support.

Project Home Again distributed missing-children posters to local contractors for display on their service vehicles. Since these vehicles travel throughout the community, visibility is enhanced and the likelihood that a child will be recognized and found is increased.

To date, MSCA has distributed posters of 200 different children, and 100 of the children depicted in the posters have been recovered.

According to the center, approximately 800,000 children disappear each year because of family abductions, kidnapping or running away. This means that over 2,100 children - or 90 an hour - disappear each day.

"MSCA is proud to have its contractor members involved in their local communities and with such a worthwhile cause," said Barbara Dolim, MSCA executive director. "Poster programs have proven to be extremely effective in locating missing children. MSCA plans to expand its support of Project Home Again by providing additional contractor resources, enhancing our Web site and other initiatives."

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