Homeowner wins a new HVAC system and a $25,000 design allowance from Lennox.

DALLAS - A panel of independent judges chose Patty Chambers' home as the "most uncomfortable home in North America." That dubious distinction provided Chambers with a $50,000 home comfort and interior design overhaul as part of the Lennox Home Comfort Makeover Contest.

Representatives from Lennox and a panel of judges selected Chambers' home after reviewing photos and an essay from homeowners throughout the United States and Canada. As the grand-prize winner, Chambers will receive consultations with an accredited interior designer and a Lennox home-comfort specialist. She will also receive a $25,000 design allowance and a new Lennox HVAC system.

According to the company, Lennox launched the contest educate people that home comfort isn't just about what you see in a home.

"A home can look beautiful, but feel uncomfortable if it's contaminated with indoor-air pollutants or plagued by high humidity," said Bob Kowynia, manager of advertising and communications at Lennox. "That's why it's important for homeowners, like contest winner Patty Chambers, to consider both the visible and invisible aspects of their homes when looking to create a higher level of home comfort."

As part of her contest entry, Chambers submitted a poem describing her home's domestic discomfort. Specifically, she noted the home's dated interior design, the stale tobacco smoke from previous owners that contributed to poor indoor air quality, and the high indoor humidity levels that have resulted in musty odors.

Bernadette Upton, an environmental interior design expert who is responsible for the makeover, said the new equipment would make a major difference in the home.

"By installing a Lennox Integrated Home Comfort System, we're going to take a giant step in the right direction in improving the home's indoor air quality," she said. "I'm confident we'll leave the Chambers family with not only a beautiful home, but also a breathable home."