Four addenda to the American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air-Conditioning Engineers' (ASHRAE) indoor air quality standard will close for public review on October 10.

ASHRAE standard 62-1999, Ventilation for Acceptable Indoor Air Quality, sets minimum ventilation rates and other requirements for commercial and institutional buildings. Addendum o provides design guidance for controlling odor in indoor spaces where smoking occurs. Addendum 62t clarifies requirements related to condensate management, including drain pan design, carryover from cooling coils and access for inspection and cleaning.

Addendum 62u relates to the control of ventilation systems, specifically system controls to ensure adequate ventilation whenever buildings are occupied and under any load conditions. Addendum 62y classifies air with respect to contaminants and odor intensity and limits the recirculation of lower quality air into spaces that contain air of higher quality.

To obtain electronic draft versions of the addenda during the comment period, log on to ASHRAE Online at