Phil Meyers
SMACNA 2000-01 president Phil Meyers said he’s looking forward to returning to “civilian life” as owner of Bright Sheet Metal in Indianapolis. “I’m very glad I did it, but I’ll be glad I don’t have to do it anymore,” he said, with a slight sigh of relief.

The job of national SMACNA president is part leader and part ambassador, as the president is kept on a regular schedule of traveling and speaking on behalf of the sheet metal industry. While somewhat straining, Meyers called it “a manageable commitment.”

When elected president last fall, Meyers said he didn’t expect to campaign for any major changes within the association, instead opting to help steward SMACNA’s long-term goals: increasing the ranks of unionized sheet metal workers and fostering even better relationships with the group’s industry partners. “I saw no need to rock the boat,” he said at the time.

One of the primary roles of any SMACNA president is to educate the public about our industry. But during his term Meyers said he also learned almost as much himself. “I thought I knew about the industry after 30-plus years in it, (but) the thing that surprised me the most was the diversity of our industry.”

The future will depend more than ever on the introduction of skilled, well-educated workers into the job site. “We need to recruit more than just someone who can swing a hammer or pick up a hundred pounds,” he said.

Meyers has served as chairman of the Budget and Finance Committee, the Investment Committee and the Programs coordinating Committee. He also served as national Joint Adjustment Board (NJAB) liaison to the Labor Committee and a member of the Employees’ Pension Plan Trust. Meyers is a management member of the International Training Institute (ITI) Board of Trustees and continues to serve on the NAJB.

Business at Bright Sheet Metal, with its 200 or so employees, is helped along by the efforts of Meyers’ wife Sharen, daughter Amy, son Hank and a brother and brother-in-law. Most of Bright’s customers are area hospitals and schools, either design-build or tenant finish, and almost all of it hvac ductwork.