FCM skylight from Velux-America

A new curb-mounted fixed skylight, the model FCM, has been launched by Velux-America Inc. After testing in the West and Pacific Northwest in 1999, the company recently broadened its availability.

"Builders first began constructing site-built curbs years ago to help compensate for flat or low-pitched roofs and to accommodate tile roofs and other popular materials," said company president Timothy Miller.

According to Miller, the Model FCM sizes were configured to fix approximately 90% of all curb mount installations in new construction and remodeling. Miller said research indicated that quick installation is important with curb mounted installations. As a result, the FCM has a pre-applied, 4 mm-thick gasket constructed for compression around any defects or misalignments in the wood curb, even those up to a half-inch out of square. The gasket also acts as a seal to protect against moisture, debris, dust, dirt, and air filtration.

The FCM features "warm edge" insulated glass pane construction with a stainless steel spacer, instead of aluminum, to improve resistance to condensation.

For more information call 800-283-2831 or write to Velux-America Inc., Dept. M, P.O. Box 5001, Greenwood, S.C., 29648-5001 or visit www.VELUX-AMERICA.com.