Approximately 5,000 fabric air-dispersion systems are installed during 2003.

MILWAUKEE - An estimated 5,000 fabric air-dispersion systems were installed in 2003, a record for fabric-duct manufacturers, according to DuctSox. "Five years ago convincing an architect or engineer to try fabric duct was a tough sell, but today most of them have either used it or seen it used successfully in commercial buildings," said Cary Pinkalla, president of the fabric-duct maker. Pinkalla said he believes that high-profile projects using fabric duct, such as the David Lawrence Center in Pittsburgh and the natatorium at Georgia Tech Center in Atlanta, has increased acceptance of the product. He also points to the recent rise in sheet metal duct costs. Pinkalla predicted this year's sales from DuctSox as well as other fabric duct manufacturers, combined with escalating steel prices, will combine to set yet another industry record in 2004.