Dave Gleason
Prospects want to buy from an honest salesperson that they trust. The key word is trust. Without creating trust, you have about as much chance to sell your product as selling an ice cream cone to an Eskimo. Think about your feelings: would you buy something from someone you didn't trust? Of course not. You may say that some people buy from crooks or flimflam artists and they probably didn't trust those people, but you would be wrong. Watch those people work and you'll se that the one thing they all have in common is that they get the prospect to trust them. They also have confidence in what they are saying. We in this industry need to understand that nothing happens until there is trust between the buyer and the seller.

Prospective buyers want to deal with a person they feel comfortable with and trust. They want to do business with someone who backs up what they say with some form of proof. They want to receive a level of service that they can enjoy and feel relaxed. Prospective buyers want to feel special both during and after the sale.

What can be done to earn the trust needed to make the sale? Let's take a look at a few things we can do:

A. Start by making an appointment and being on time.

B.When you arrive, allow the prospect identify you as the person who made the appointment. I think having your picture on your calling card is another way to make the prospect feel comfortable.

C. Create trust by showing the customer how much respect you have for them by:

1. Parking your car or van in an area that won't affect the coming and going from the home.

2. Keeping the car or van clean shows you care about how things look¿ like the prospect's home.

3. Have plastic boots to wear so you don't carry any dirt into the house.

D. Make sure the customer gets involved in your surveys and in answering questions. Trust is developed when the customer feels that they have made most of the decisions.

E. The way you are dressed and groomed is very important to the customer's first impression. It has been said that during the first 30 seconds of meeting, people decide their feelings about one another. If that's true, can you imagine the importance of the first moment you are seen by the person answering the door?

F. Don't start too fast; give customers time to be comfortable with you in their home. Remember, you are a stranger and must earn their trust.

Trust is developed when you believe in the products and services you are selling and express that belief enthusiastically. Trust is developed when you make an easy and comfortable first impression. Trust is developed when you relate to the person on his or her level. People like people who are like themselves. Buying is an act of faith in you and your company.

Take your time; don't rush things. Sometimes we start to push things so quickly that customers becomes wary and the chances of earning their trust is remote unless they fully understand what you are suggesting and selling.

Trust cannot be understated in its value towards making the sale. Find a way to make customers feel comfortable with you and make sure they understand everything you say. It is the only way you'll make the sale-even if your price is 40% less.