Arizona builder Drew Stoddard decided to make an architectural statement by adding a metal roof to his renovated home.
PRESCOTT, Ariz. - Over the years, Drew F. Stoddard of General Contractor Inc. has designed and built dozens of beautiful homes in southern California and Arizona. So when Stoddard and his wife Sue set out to renovate and expand their own home, they had some very specific ideas about the materials they would use, including the choice of a standing seam metal roof.

"We have one of the few metal roofs in our area," said Drew Stoddard, who is president of the family-owned company. "They are popular on commercial buildings, but we do not know of many residential projects with this application."

The choice of metal was surprising to some because the Stoddards' home is situated high atop a mountain with stunning views in every direction.

Such a secluded location would typically see a more traditional roofing choice such as concrete tile or shingles, but after researching various alternatives, the Stoddards chose a metal standing seam roof from Custom-Bilt Metals.

"We did a lot of research on metal roofing products," said Sue Stoddard. "We chose the system from Custom-Bilt Metals because of their excellent reputation, the aesthetic value of the roofing material, and their color selection.

"We chose a unique two-toned color called Antique Patina, which has a sage green color as well as a copper color depending on the angle of the roof and the location of the sun at any given time," she added. "We feel it truly enhances the style of our home and we are more than satisfied with the result, achieving the function, beauty, and design that we desired."

Aesthetics matter

Aesthetic appeal was important to the Stoddards, who wanted to take full advantage of their home's breathtaking location when they added 2,000 sq. ft. to the original 2,500-sq.-ft. structure.

"Our home originally had an architectural asphalt shingle roof," Drew explained. "To enhance the architecture and the many angles of the hipped roof - as well as factoring in the fact that the metal roof system was a 'lifetime roof' - we determined that a metal roof would be the architectural icing on the cake."

The Stoddards describe their home's style as "eclectic," influenced by Spanish, Mediterranean, Territorial, and Southwest styles.

"The hipped roof is seen from many viewing points of the home," Drew said. "There are six decks on this home and the roof is seen from all decks. It is an extremely interesting roof to view, especially with the two-tone color of the Antique Patina."

Beyond beauty and lifetime durability, the standing seam metal roof also offers peace of mind.

"Living next to thousands of acres of state land, fire was a concern of ours," Sue said. "We recently had a major fire in the Prescott area, but we felt very safe with the metal roof on our home."

The roofing panels are formed from 24-gauge steel with a 1.5-inch-high standing seam, and are backed by a lifetime warranty from Custom-Bilt Metals.

Sue praised the company. "When we needed additional parts, they were quick to deliver and helpful on suggestions on parts and applications."

Custom-Bilt Metals has been a supplier in the painted metal industry since 1974, and currently stocks more than 2,000 different items in its 14 national locations. Custom-Bilt is a leading supplier of standing seam metal roofing systems fabricated from steel, aluminum or copper, as well as Kynar-finished steel tile, steel shingles, aluminum shake, and steel or copper shingles.