Also regarding ductboard, Advanced Duct Systems at this year's AHR Expo showed its Magnum 1000 fiber glass grooving machine and unveiled its computer controlled Magnum 44 closure machine. Everett Archer took his experience in working for two major fiber glass companies before opening his own shop a decade ago, fabricating duct board for contractors. In addition he refurbished and repaired duct grooving machines. The first Magnum 2000 (a fully adjustable model) came out about five years ago. He incorporated improvements from parts redesigned in repairing machines into his two new models.

The new Magnum 44 uses heat sensitive tape that works in a range of about 590-6108F. It not only seals the tape, but reduces the labor cost. The computer control will hold the duct board at the proper operating temperature before allowing duct board to pass through the machine. This eliminates potential failures as the duct board is being installed. The computer also turns on the rollers automatically as the material enters. The heat seal tape works through dust that might settle on the duct board.

Archer said ductboard is gaining in popularity, with help from the insulation manufacturers, who are improving their products as well as stepping up their marketing efforts.

According to NAIMA: "Fiber glass duct systems provide assured thermal performance through controlled insulation thickness. They absorb central equipment and air turbulence noise, and reduce noise caused by expansion, contraction and vibration."

The Magnum 1000 produces from 1-in. to 11/2-in. ductboard and the Magnum 2000 accommodates half-inch to 2-in. thick board. The Magsport is a trailer version that can be towed to the job site.

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