New York-based Spectronics Corp. manufactures a number of tools, dyes and accessories to help the hvacr technician in diagnosing and spotting those hard-to-find system leaks. The company recently added the Titan® Stinger® to its line up. The Titan Stinger is a cordless air-conditioning and refrigeration leak detection flashlight. It uses a patented UV/Blue™ filter lens technology to provide more useable leak detection light. Compact and portable, it allows technicians to find leaks in tight spots. The flashlight is only 7 3/8-in. long and weighs 8.7 ounces. The working range is up to 12 ft. A polymer housing includes a nonslip grip and a spare bulb is included in the tail cap. A rechargeable NiCad battery runs for up to four hours between uses.

Also new for leak detection from Spectronics is the patent-pending Maxima™ 3500 UV lamp. This lamp makes leak detection dye glow brighter, allowing leaks to be spotted easily, even in daylight. Using micro discharge light technology, Spectronics said the lamp’s 35-watt bulb produces up to 1O times more light than a conventional 100-watt bulb used for the same purpose. The lamp comes with an instant on/off/restrike, reducing inspection time. The bulb is prefocused at the factory for ideal performance.

Finding leaks in hvacr systems requires a special dye and injector. Spectroline’s Ar-Glo dye is solvent free and meets ANSI and ASHRAE standards. The dye can be injected using the new BigEZ™ dye injector. Its four-ounce dye cartridge contains enough dye to treat hvacr systems with up to 16 gallons of lubricant. The dye is calibrated in 1/8-oz. increments, so technicians can add the exact amount of dye for the system being serviced.

To use the Spectroline® leak detection system, inject a small amount of the company’s Ar-Glo® dye into the hvac system and allow the fluid to circulate. One ounce of dye is recommended for every 100 lbs. of refrigerant or 38 tons of cooling. Wherever refrigerant is escaping, the dye goes with it, except the dye leaves behind traces at every escape point. When the system is scanned with a high-intensity inspection lamp, the brightly glowing dye will pinpoint the exact location of the leak.

For more information about Spectroline® products, contract Spectronics Corp. at 956 Brush Hollow Road, P.O. Box 483, Westbury, NY 11590; call 800/274-8888; or fax 800/491-6868;