Company will continue to invest in all of its divisions.

ITASCA, Ill. - Metal-processing equipment manufacturer Formtek Inc. will not be eliminating any of its divisions or product lines.

That's according to a statement aimed at dealers, competitors and contractors from the company, a copy of which was given to SNIPS by Formtek officials.

According the letter, the Itasca, Ill.-based company will continue to invest in all its divisions. The letter mentions the recent purchase of St. Louis equipment maker Lion Machinery, a new St. Louis factory and upcoming customer-service programs as proof.

Formtek is a large manufacturing company involved in industries such as lighting products, appliances and metal furniture, in addition to sheet metal equipment. Its HVAC and sheet metal-related companies include Engel Industries, Iowa Precision and Lockformer.

In a message to customers as well as dealers, the letter said Formtek expects dealer and distributor representatives to promote the company's products, not spread false rumors.

"If you're being told one of these brands is going away, please disregard it," the letter said.