(Architectural sheet metal contractors know well the pressures faced on today’s job sites. Avoiding some of the major hazards was the subject of a forum at the SMACNA 58th annual convention in October in Boca Raton, Fla. Moderators included Richard Hayes and Tom Soles; panelists included Kevin Cash; David Cremons; and Robert Zahner. We present the first installment here in our post-convention coverage.)

10 – Assuming that Everything Will be Fine

The problem:

  • Assuming that pre-contract goodwill will prevail throughout the project.

  • Getting too focused on what you will do next after this job is completed.

  • Assuming that you will get competent performance out of an unskilled or poorly trained workforce.

  • Not bothering to understand the track record of the owner/developer.

  • Selecting subcontractors and suppliers based solely on price even if unknown or previously unreliable.

  • Not understanding importance of reputation to long-term success of business.

    The solutions:

  • Use experienced people in key positions and keep them.

  • Place highest priority on workforce training and supervision.

  • Establish procedures for detection and reporting of problems.

  • Emphasize reliability in selection of subcontractors and suppliers.

Gather available information on prior projects of the developer/owner and whether its projects have experienced extraordinary problems with coordination or contractor claims.