Analysis reveals the profitability of ACCA members.

ARLINGTON, Va. - The Air Conditioning Contractors of America has released its 2005 edition of "Financial Analysis of the HVACR Contracting Industry," based on a recent survey of the ACCA members.

The analysis provides a look at the profitability and balance sheets of ACCA members. According to the association, companies can use the survey results to compare their own company's performance and possibly identify problem areas.

The book includes statistics of financial ratios according to sales, business type and operations, as well as specific geographic locations. It also provides information on the types of companies participating in the survey, highlighting the business entities surveyed and the nature of accounting methods used by these companies in their daily operations.

Additionally, the report contrasts the current data with information gathered by the ACCA 10 years ago and gives a brief analysis on the changes and trends since that time.

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