The Roofing Industry Educational Institute (RIEI) will be conducting a series of educational courses throughout the U.S. designed for individuals who want to enhance their knowledge of roof systems.

"Roofing Technology" explains the theoretical and practical aspects of low-slope roof system design; roof system specifications; materials, installation and maintenance.

"Advanced Roofing Technology" is designed for those experienced in roofing who want to know more about low-slope roof system calculations; drainage, wind uplift; building code requirements; tapered insulation and expansion joints.

"Introduction to Roofing" is designed for people new to the industry or who want to learn about roofing fundamentals. Participants will become familiar with roof assembly components (e.g., deck, vapor retarder, insulation), drainage concepts, terminology and materials.

Other course topics are roof inspection, diagnosis and repair; roof repair and maintenance; single-ply roof systems; energy efficient roof design; roof asset management; roofing safety; and architectural and low-slope metal roof systems.

For more information contact Debbie Cangialosi, RIEI's business manager, at 303-703-9870, ext. 22; fax 303-703-9712; or e-mail:

The National Roofing Contractors Association (NRCA), meanwhile, has made available five more modules in its series of 31 training modules designed for roofing workers.

They deal with job set-up, tearoff and equipment for steep-slope roofing; application of hot built-up roof membranes; and more.

The modules are available for $150 to NRCA members and $175 to nonmembers. Phone 847-299-9070 or 800-323-9545; fax 847-299-1183; or