Johnstone's 2003 numbers were up 13.5 percent over 2002.

PORTLAND, Ore. - Johnstone Supply had a record year in 2003 with sales of $704 million, a 13.5 percent increase over 2002 sales. This was announced during the company's Sept. 20-25 annual meeting in Chicago.

More than 700 store owners, product and service vendors, and corporate executive staff attended the meeting, which centered around the theme "Moving Forward Together." President Gary Daniels said that the year ahead looks promising, with initial estimates indicating that the company will continue to nearly double the industry average in sales.

The Single Store of the Year award went to Elliot Malach and Stephen Brown of Albuquerque, N.M. The store has experienced steady growth during the last 25 years, and posted a growth of 25 percent in 2003.

The meeting also included special recognition and a moment of silence in memory of company founder John Shank. Shank died in 2003, only weeks after attending Johnstone's 50th anniversary celebration. According to the company, it was Shank's vision that created the Johnstone model of independent members sharing resources.