Plasma cutting manufacturer Innerlogic will now be known as Kaliburn. The company's new slogan is "plasma cutting innovation."

According to the company, this move represents a symbolic change within the company and in the plasma-cutting industry.

"Our new name and corporate branding amplify the qualities this company has possessed since its founding in 1985, and captures the spirit and energy that drive this company today and everyday," said Kaliburn President Steven F. Hardwick. "Changing a company name and logo that is well-known throughout the industry is a big risk, but one we feel confident will pay off for our company and our customers."

The new name is derived primarily from "Caliburn," the name of King Arthur's sword, which the company says symbolizes power, strength and confidence in the legends of Excalibur.

"It is believed that the name ‘Caliburn' is rooted in the Latin word ‘chalybs,' meaning ‘steel," which is another reason this new name is so fitting for our company," explained Hardwick. "Additionally, ‘burn' represents the high temperature and intensity of a plasma torch, as well as the passion Kaliburn and its employees dedicate to its products and customers."