STOUGHTON, Mass. - J.C. Higgins Corp. will install the "shell and core" HVAC mechanical work for the Center for Life Sciences Building at the Black Fan Research Center in Boston.

J.C. Higgins is a subsidiary of Emcor Group Inc., a Fortune 500 company specializing in electrical construction and facilities services.

The Black Fan Research Center is adjacent to and surrounded by Harvard Medical School Research Center, Merck Pharmaceuticals, Children's Hospital and Beth Israel Hospital. The new center will be an 18-story building with approximately 1.1 million square feet of space, including six stories of underground parking and 18 stories of future tenant space.

The facility will include research and lab space for Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center, Dana Farber Cancer Research, Children's Hospital Research and various drug and medical research companies.

J.C. Higgins will install more than 6,000 tons of cooling capacity, 8.5 miles of piping, and 12 custom-built air-handing units totaling over 1.1 million cfm of air.

"Our ability to undertake such a complex project is one of the reasons we were selected," said Ronald Ledoux, president of J.C. Higgins Corp. "The site has a tremendous amount of existing utilities that serve a variety of buildings, requiring careful coordination. To ensure there is no disruption of services, we have developed an elaborate plan that involves intricately phased construction and detailed transportation scheduling for the rigging and HVAC equipment. The result is an effective construction process on the heavily congested worksite."

Ledoux said that the company will use a process called "hot tapping," which involves installing mechanical piping into existing chilled water lines that remain in operation.

"This difficult and complicated procedure required X-ray welding, careful inspection and strict controls to ensure a successful and safe execution," he said.