The K-Flex Clad system received the ISO 2006 Award for Technological Innovation of Insulation products at the ISO 2006 exhibition March 23-24 in Weisbarden, Germany.

The international ISO fairs focus on insulation material and technology in Europe, representing all areas of thermal and cold insulation, acoustic and fire protection.

The K-Flex Clad systems, manufactured by partners L'Isolante K-Flex and Nomaco K-Flex, includes the IC-IN system and Color system, which are elastomeric insulation products featuring factory-applied aluminum, fiberglass cloth, polymeric sheet or color jackets.

With component pieces such as insulated pipe hangers, finishing tapes, adhesives, sealants, mechanical fasteners and preformed elbows, K-Flex Clad systems provide all the necessary parts for installing insulation, officials say.

"The ISO 2006 Award and the success we've seen with K-Flex Clad products prove that the K-Flex companies are leading the way in innovation and providing a solid benchmark for the insulation industry," said Scott Edwards, president of Nomaco K-Flex. "Our customers like the K-Flex Clad products for the ease of use and time savings they provide."

According to company officials, the K-Flex Clad line has a low thermal conductivity and a high water-vapor-diffusion resistant factor, eliminating the problem of corrosion under insulation.

"We are pleased to share with our clients and distributors the recognition received during the ISO 2006 Awards for the success obtained by our products, and above all, by the innovative ideas which are fundamental for this achievement," said Edwards.