Until recently, I hadn’t heard much about Joe Groh or his foundation. I get a lot of press releases and unsolicited emails every day and I don’t have time to give all of them the attention they may deserve.

But Groh’s story is unique. A longtime sales and marketing manager with stints at Titus, PCI Industries and Lennox, Groh was out for a bike ride on Father’s Day 2008 when he took a turn too sharp and flew off the bicycle, landing on his head. The accident broke his neck and damaged his spinal cord — but it didn’t affect his attitude, which remained unfailingly upbeat.

The accident changed Groh’s life, requiring major modifications to his home and lifestyle. But instead of turning inward, Groh realized he was still more fortunate than many. That led to the establishment of the Joseph Groh Foundation, a nonprofit that concentrates on helping people with injuries similar to Groh’s. And unlike many similar groups, Groh’s foundation has a special focus on people with a connection to the construction industry, especially HVAC.

You can read more about its work here.