I’ve written several times on duct sealing, its importance and how tax incentives could help to boost its profile with building owners, homeowners and the public at large.

Getting such incentives put in place, however, is often a struggle. That’s why I was happy to see a Virginia-based publicly funded group, the Arlington Initiative to Rethink Energypromoting duct sealing among other green HVAC technologies. Its website lists events, programs and activites designed to save energy. And a recent web post noted that county residents can receive up to $575 to seal their ductwork.

The website does a good job of explaining just what duct sealing is, why leaking ductwork is a problem and how duct sealing solves it.

Of course, cutting your tax bill along with your energy costs is a big incentive to convince homeowners to seal with their ducts.

Are duct sealing tax rebates or other incentives available in your area? If not, have you talked to government officials about putting some in place?