To me, duct sealing seems like a natural complement to duct cleaning. I mean, after you’ve had your ducts cleaned, why wouldn’t you want them sealed so that they stay that way?

When you deep-clean your house, don’t you try to avoid tracking in mud and dirt for at least a little while after? Remove your shoes when you enter and perhaps ask guests to do the same?

I know my wife is always after me to do that, especially now that winter is almost here and snow is sticking to the ground and it seems almost every other surface.

I recently discussed the topic with officials from Carlisle HVAC, which makes a lot of products to both keep ducts clean and keep them that way through sealing. “Duct cleaning” is a phrase that I’ve heard about for a long time, even before I joined the SNIPS staff years ago. The National Air Duct Cleaners Association has a large membership committed to the practice.

But duct sealing? While it makes perfect sense to me, it’s not something I’ve heard as much about. How about you? Do you think not enough contractors are aware of it? Does it lack the tax incentives that other energy-saving home improvements offer? Or maybe you’re well-acquainted with duct sealing and it’s popular in your area.  

What about your company? Are you involved in duct cleaning? More contractors seem to be adding it as an in-house service instead of subcontracting it out. How about duct sealing? Do you ever talk about it with your clients? Is it a service you offer?

I’m working on an article about duct sealing. If it’s something you’re involved in, email me at and tell me about it.