I didn’t even know there was such a thing as national Energy Efficiency Day until I noticed it popping up in some tweets.

But it seems appropriate to mention it as part of a blog that covers duct sealing, since sealing ductwork is a proven way to boost the efficiency of homes and buildings.  

The inaugural Energy Efficiency Day is designed to bring attention to the efforts of companies, communities and organizations in making us smarter about energy use.

It’s an issue that the green HVAC construction industry has long been involved in, since before it had a name or a movement behind it. From ensuring HVAC air filters are clean to cleaning and sealing ductwork, there’s a lot that the industry does in the name of saving money and boosting efficiency.

Carlisle HVAC points out that while many HVAC contractors are aware of the benefits of duct sealing and other technologies, there are probably ways to save even more that they may not know about. At the company’s Wylie, Texas, headquarters, it offers contractor customers the chance to learn about its new products or just find out how to use established ones more effectively.

As Frank Forrest, Carlisle’s efficiency solutions product manager, told me, the company doesn’t try to push any one product at its customers.

“We try to arm them with all the different products and let them choose what makes the most sense,” he said. 

And I think that’s what the spirit behind Energy Efficiency Day 2016 is all about: using energy wisely — whatever that means to you.