There are several different milestones one goes through during their 20s. Some move out into apartments and others save up their cash and invest in a home. That is what I did. Almost two months ago, I purchased my first home about 20 minutes north of Detroit. Doing so, I have taken on more responsibilities, learned to time manage better as well as live with a roommate, among other things.

I picked a good time to buy a house thanks to my tax refund hitting my bank account around the same time my down payment and other expenses were due. One of those investments included having to purchase a cover for my heating unit that had cracked. 

Some others would have decided to use their tax refunds to go on a vacation, pay off debt or maybe to buy a pet. But mine went to buying a house and beginning the next step of my life.

I am sure I am not the only one who used their tax money for investments in the future. If you had a chance to look at the recent issue of Snips, you probably read an article by Mark Natterman titled “Tax tips for small HVAC shops” that discussed considerations for your business to be on top of their tax filings. If you did not get a chance to read it, you can read it here.