When I was entering college, I was set on becoming a physical therapist’s assistant due to my long years in competitive gymnastics and a knee injury that placed me in a physical therapist’s office for years. When I took my first biology class in college, I realized that a science degree was probably not going to be the route for me.

Thankfully, I didn’t declare a major until I was starting my junior year of college. That is when I decided a communications major with a minor in public relations was going to be a better fit for me.

I have always had a knack for writing. I was a decent writer throughout my younger years. I even won a writing contest in elementary school. I also was a part of newspaper and yearbook in high school. But not once did I think I would be in a journalism career.

When I started taking classes that were specific to my major and minor (which involved a lot of writing), and I thought maybe being an event coordinator or something in regards to public relations or writing would make a good career choice for me.

I realized that this path was the one I wanted to take when I started to receive As and Bs versus the Cs and Ds that I was receiving in that biology class.

They always say its not what you know its who you know. Thankfully, the stars aligned when I was searching for a mandatory internship that I needed in order to graduate. I found out that one of the mom’s of an athlete I coach was a publisher for three magazines.

She put her faith in me and gave me the opportunity to intern with her. The internship was very enlightening and educational. This made me realize that I may have a career in the journalism industry after all.

About 6 months after the internship ended, I received an email from the publisher asking if I would be interested in returning to the company as the associate editor for one of her magazines that I previously interned on. I was excited that I finally was going to have a career in this field.

This led me to where I am today. I am the associate editor for two magazines, SNIPS and Walls and Ceilings.

I do not know much about HVAC and sheet metal. I do know that almost every residential or commercial building throughout the world has HVAC and sheet metal in some aspect. I look forward to learning both of the magazine’s trades in depth. 

With Thanksgiving around the corner, I guess it is fitting to say that I am thankful for the opportunities that I was given and I am thankful to have a career in a field that although wasn’t my first choice, was the right choice.