Who says online polls are unscientific?

As I write this blog just a day after businessman Donald Trump was elected U.S. president in a wave that almost nobody saw coming, I have to boast that there was at least one poll that got it right: the online survey at Snipsmag.com.

For two months, we asked website visitors which candidate they wanted to win the White House: former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton or Trump. An overwhelming 70 percent supported the Manhattan billionaire.

I must say I didn’t think the actual election would show Trump come anywhere close to winning, so the fact that the election results were similar to our poll — albeit with a much closer margin — is impressive.

So what do you think Trump’s win means for the construction industry in general or sheet metal/HVAC in particular? A rollback of regulations such as the new overtime law or regional efficiency standards? Reply here and let me know.