Michigan summers are not anywhere near as hot as Texas or Florida, although we can come close to matching the humidity levels of those states in July and August.

You can survive here without air conditioning. Growing up, we only had a couple window units and an upstairs attic fan until I was about age 7 or so, when central air conditioning was installed along with a new furnace. I’ve been a fan of air conditioning ever since.

Not everyone loves it, however. A recent Washington Post column reminded me it’s still a controversial subject in some circles.

The author says the world's -- especially America's -- current infatuation with climate-controlled indoor environments is costing the Earth. He points out that the human body has a much higher capacity to adapt to warm temperatures than many people are willing to admit.

After recently spending a few days in Thailand and wondering how anyone can stand those temperatures and humidity levels, I can testify that locals there often wear long sleeves and pants far more often than they opt for shorts and T-shirts.

Do you ever encounter bias against air conditioning? Do you worry this sentiment will become more common as more nations take steps to fight global warming/climate change?