Nevermind. That’s the way I feel after seeing the price of gasoline spike during the last few weeks.

Back in March, I wrote an editorial noting that the price of gasoline had plunged in recent months – good news for many sectors of the U.S. economy. As long as you don’t work in the oil and gas industry, the price drops have the effect of boosting the household budgets of many Americans.

I noted in the editorial that a number of pundits were saying at the time that gas could drop below $1 a gallon in parts of the country. It hasn’t been that low since the late 1990s in most of the country.

Well, forget all that. In recent weeks, the price of oil has surged, increasing the price of gasoline in much of the country. Although prices are still much lower than they were just a couple years ago, I haven’t seen anybody lately mention prices below a dollar.

I know the oil markets are affected by world events, but it makes me wonder how much these so-called experts really know.

Even though $1 a gallon gas is apparently unlikely anytime soon, it’s still relatively inexpensive by modern standards. Is your HVAC market company enjoying the lower prices? Are they boosting your HVAC sales or profits?