A little time in Las Vegas can make it hard to remember exactly what day of the week it is, or if you’re winning or losing.

But I do know what I’m here for this week: Autodesk University, the annual user conference of all things Autodesk. The software giant really is involved in everything from sheet metal works and HVAC construction to virtual reality and 3-D printing.

They don’t do anything small. The opening ceremonies included “Star Wars” stormtroopers and dancers moving to rap songs. Company CEO Carl Bass says the company is always looking forward.

“Innovation is not just one dramatic improvement on everything that came before -- it is most often a combination of really pragmatic improvements combining and mixing things in really new way,” he says.

Construction may not be the flashiest part of what Autodesk is involved in, but they are committed to the sector. They unveiled Autodesk BIM 360 Docs, a cloud-based service to make it easier to share information among sheet metal works contractors, HVAC construction technicians or anyone involved in a project.

Autodesk officials say up to 25 percent of work in construction is wasted rework – which is what BIM (building information modeling) 360 Docs aims to tackle.

“Autodesk is delivering a new world order for construction management,” said Amar Hanspal, the company’s senior vice president of products. “A comprehensive solution is long overdue, and the delay has cost the construction trades too much money and too much time. Autodesk saw the challenge, owns the expertise, and is delivering a powerful step forward for the industry.”

I'll have more on the event soon.