It’s safe to say that my family can be quite the procrastinators sometimes. 

My dad bought a brand new 55-inch flat-screen TV three months ago, and it’s still boxed up and nestled in the corner of our home library. I’m strongly considering wrapping it up and giving it to him for Christmas to remind him that it’s still there, waiting to be unboxed and installed.

And my mother, who’s been telling me every day since July that she’s booking our family holiday vacation ‘today’, still has yet to make those arrangements. I’m certain the travel prices have spiked tremendously by now.

But I guess I’m not one to talk – I’m 24 years old and have yet to move into my own place. Although I’m currently saving up to move out, the one thing I am not looking forward to is paying the heat bill. 

This seems to be the one thing people dread the most when the chill of winter starts to kick in – especially my parents, who also procrastinate with turning on the heat due to this very reason.

So what are some ways we can reduce heating costs without having to turn into an icicle during the winter months? Let us know!