I can’t take this winter any more. Day after day of near-zero temperatures – oftentimes below zero – and more snow than I can move anymore.

Metro Detroit, where SNIPS is based, received its annual snowfall in just the month of January. It’s just been piling up. I am running out of room to put any more snow I shovel off my driveway or sidewalks. The piles of snow at the edges of my driveway are so high, my snow thrower is stalling out as I attempt to clear the latest 4-inch snowfall.

When the city’s plows come through to clear the roads, I have to spend another half hour digging out the entrance to my ever-narrowing driveway. It seems the region’s public schools have been closed more in the last month than they were the entire time I was enrolled.

If there is an upside, it’s that the cold has been keeping a lot of HVAC market contractors busy repairing malfunctioning furnaces. I imagine this has been one of the better winters to be an HVAC technician or involved in HVAC construction or HVAC sales.

So how has this winter been for your company?