Aloha! I just returned from the Sheet Metal and Air-Conditioning Contractors’ National Association’s 70th annual convention in Wailea, Hawaii (that’s on the island of Maui, in case you didn’t know). 

Yes, I went to Hawaii for work -- and yes, I did work. I even sat in overair-condtioned conference rooms when the ocean was only a short walk away. 

Apart from enjoying the sun, sand and the warm Pacific Ocean waters when I had time, it was good to hear from a number of contractors that things are getting better in a number of markets – or at least stabilizing.

I hope that if you didn’t attend this year’s convention, you at least visited our Facebook and Twitter pages, where I posted plenty of pictures and updates during the convention. Don't worry: none are of me in a bathing suit. A number of our Facebook and Twitter followers posted comments and “retweeted” the pictures and other items from the event.

A highlight for me as a longtime “Seinfeld” fan was seeing Jason Alexander perform. Best known as “George Costanza” on that show, he’s very talented and can also sing and do standup comedy, I discovered.

So if you haven’t yet, be sure to look at our online coverage from last week’s convention and watch for the full report in an upcoming SNIPS. Mahalo!