Now that September is here and the summer has pretty much come to a close, I can air out my weather frustrations.

This past summer has been one, big, wacky dose of weather havoc. I’m a victim of it. 

I recall one time in the beginning of August, a time where I should have been sporting Ann Taylor Loft pencil skirts and light, colorful blouses to work. But there I was, sitting at my desk in a dark navy blouse with some high-waisted trouser pants, recovering from a 24-hour cold and sore throat. Crazy much? 

Even crazier is the fact that throughout the entire summer, I never knew what kind of day my HVAC system was going to have.

On the hotter, high-90s days, I’d blast the air conditioning and turn on all the ceiling fans in the house. On the colder, low-50s days, I’d sit bundled up under a Snuggie with a hot cup of tea, fighting the urge to turn up the heat to a temperature that I felt it should’ve already been outside – 80 degrees or higher.

Regardless of what kind of day it was, I could always count on one thing – my parents shutting everything off to prevent the energy bills from getting to be too crazy. 

So with the summer gone and the fall quickly approaching, what are some tips you tell your customers for managing their HVAC systems in changing weather conditions? Share your comments below!