I’m writing this from Las Vegas – one of my favorite cities – while attending Fabtech, the annual metal forming and fabrication show.

If industry publications such as Tradeshow Week gave out industry awards -- and maybe they do, for all I know – Fabtech should win the “most loud trade show” category. This show and its punching and pulsating machines will give you a headache if lack of sleep and too much drinking while here don’t do it.

But underneath all that noise, there’s a lot of good news coming out of the show. Attendance appears to be good, and floor traffic has been steady.

And sessions have covered a lot of interesting and timely topics, from using social media to bridging the generation gap in the workplace. Another session later this week will talk about the trend of “reshoring,” which refers to bringing jobs back to the United States from places such as Mexico and China.

I’m especially looking forward to a session on what President Barack Obama means for U.S manufacturers. Hopefully the analysts will say that the economy will keep growing. And a little more quickly, if you please.

Either way, I’ll let you know.