The presidential campaign is in full swing. Mitt Romney and President Barack Obama have been crisscrossing the country attending fundraisers and speaking to different organizations. Obama was scheduled to speak with a veterans group recently, while Romney was set to visit a small business leaders meeting in Costa Mesa, Calif. Even Vice President Joe Biden has been on the campaign trail. He recently visited with the Plumbing & Pipefitters Local 189 in Columbus, Ohio.

It’s only a matter of time until these men visit a sheet metal shop or an HVAC contractor. Candidates seeking office know they have to have the vote of business owners, as well as the “blue-collar, middle class” workers. So construction companies and labor unions are going to get quite a few campaign visits.

You may even have some candidates seeking local office in your area. If they wanted to stop by for a photo-op or to discuss business with you, would you open your door? And if so, what would you want to talk about or ask them? What are the business issues that you want the president or a local politicians to have on their radar? Share your thoughts with us and let us know if you have a political visit scheduled. We would love to hear all about it and maybe feature that visit on our website.