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I love writing. I first discovered I enjoying writing when I was in second grade and was assigned to write a short story. Newspapers -- and magazines like Snips -- are still my favorite way to get information about subjects I'm interested in.

But like many people these days, I also get a lot of my information from the Internet. I still read a printed newspaper on the weekends -- but Monday-Friday, I read the newspaper's website. The same goes for the magazines I subscribe to.

Websites have the ability to offer a lot more than just articles. They can contain additional photos, videos and even audio interviews where you can hear the voice of the person you may have read about in that day's story. Today, if you're not going to the websites of a lot of publications, you're missing out.

That is certainly true with Snips. While we still consider our monthly magazine the base of the "Snips experience," you can also go online to Snipsmag.com to watch videos on some of the subjects featured in our stories, or hear an audio interview with some of people making news in the sheet metal industry.

We're in the process of preparing and posting more online exclusive content, including interviews from the Sheet Metal and Air-Conditioning Contractors' National Association's recent Colorado convention. So be sure to make this website a regular stop. You never know what you may find.