Just when I begin to forget about copper theft, I watch the local news and realize that copper thieves are still out there. And they just keep getting bolder. Yesterday, my local news here in San Francisco had two stories about copper thefts that wreaked quite a bit of havoc.

First, the Bay Area Rapid Transit (BART), which transports commuters from the city to the east and south bay neighborhoods, was crippled when copper wiring was stolen from the tracks. These wires power the system and have been ripped out at least three times in the last year. According to news outlets, repairing the damage is going to cost approximately $90,000, a cost that is going to come from taxpayers.

Taxpayers are also going to have to pay for the copper theft that occurred in Vallejo, Calif., northeast of San Francisco. Thieves stole copper wiring out of traffic signals in that city. Also, according to theTimes-Herald, Vallejo has seen 77 of its city lights damaged due to copper theft.

These are just two examples of how copper is still a valuable commodity for thieves. However, it is occurring everywhere. Just type in “copper theft” to a Google news search and you will find examples all over the country. And it is not just happening on municipal railways and street lights. Even homes, churches and schools are targets because of their outdoor condensing units.

So what is the solution? Have you seen copper theft occur in your area? And is there anything you have been able to do to stop the theft from occurring?