For a while now, I’ve been hearing that Sheet Metal Workers Local 36 in St. Louis was constructing a new environmentally-friendly training center. The center has been open for the past few months, but just recently had a dedication. The website has a ton of information and photos on the new center, and it is impressive to say the least.

Local 36 is expected to earn a Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design platinum certification. This is not only the highest LEED rating, but one that is even more amazing when you realize that the building use to be a boiler factory from the 1940s.

The new training center has a number of green features, from a “living roof” to solar panels, wind turbines and energy-efficient HVAC systems. You can get all of the information, including some great photos,by going here.

I love seeing articles like this online. It is a reminder that the sheet metal industry is going in the right direction. I also know that there are many small sheet metal shops and HVAC companies that are also embracing green technology. It only makes sense. If you want to sell your customers on “green,” it helps if you walk the walk. Let us know what your company is doing to stay green or if you have any plans to make your company more sustainable. In the meantime, if you know anyone at Local 36, make sure you congratulate them on their new building. One look at the building and you’ll see why they should be proud.