This steel sculpture at the Aria hotel in Las Vegas was fabricated by Harpring Inc. in Louisville, Ky.

Last year I had the pleasure of writing an article for Snips magazine about Louisville, Ky.-based Harpring Inc. The company was featured for in our magazine’s architectural sheet metal issue for its fabrication work on a 14-foot long, 16-foot tall steel sculpture for the Aria hotel and casino in Las Vegas.

I interviewed Kevin Harpring, owner of the company, about all of the hard work and logistics that went into creating this steel and glass art piece. When I saw photos of the project I couldn’t believe how intricate the design was. Once you see the sculpture you can immediately see the talent that went into bringing it to life.

Although I wrote about the sculpture, I never had the opportunity to see it up close until recently. I was in Las Vegas at the end of September covering another story for Snips. While I was there I decided I should drop into the Aria and see the sculpture for myself. It’s even more mind blowing in person. I thought about how great it must feel to be a fabricator like Harpring and see your work on display for others to enjoy. If you want to enjoy the sculpture also, go to the Aria and find the Jean Philippe Patisserie Café. The café not only has great desserts (which I’m told), but Harpring’s sculpture surrounds the dining area creating an environment of warmth and light. You can read about Harpring’s workhere.

It’s always a lot of fun when Snips starts putting together its architectural sheet metal issue. We get to see some truly unique and inspiring sheet metal projects. In fact, next month, when we roll out our next architectural sheet metal issue, I think you’ll be impressed. I don’t want to give anything away, but I had a blast writing the cover story for that upcoming issue. I hope you enjoy the article when it comes out next month. Also, let us know about any architectural sheet metal projects that have really impressed you. Share them here or post some photos on ourFacebook page. We’d love to see what’s catching your eye.