The Facebook “Like” is the new “tip of the hat” or the new “pat on the back.” It’s always nice when another Facebook user gives you the thumbs up for something you’ve posted.

Snips has had a presence on Facebook for the last few years, and our experience has been great. We love getting a “Like,” and it’s been wonderful to post things instantaneously.

For example, at the 2012 AHR Expo in Chicago, we were able to visit booths, take photos, and upload them to the Internet. We were able to show our Facebook followers some of the new products at the show right away, including products that aren’t even on the market yet.

Social media has changed the game, and not just for news publications like Snips. I see lots of HVAC and sheet metal companies that are now on Facebook, and I’d love to know how your experience has been. What are you using Facebook for? Have you found that your presence on sites such as Facebook and Twitter has helped with business? You can tell us your experiences by commenting on this blog or by sending me an e-mail Of course you can also let us know your social media experiences by sharing on our pages