Several years ago, who would of thought that you could go on your computer and download load calculation software along with a Beatles album? By downloading iTunes from Apple, you can browse the latest music, movies and applications for the HVAC and sheet metal trade.

The applications include everything from HVAC standards, to calculations for duct and pipe sizing. All you have to do is download the applications to your computer, then transfer them over to your iPhone or iPad. HVAC organizations such as the ACCA and ASHRAE have introduced digital technologies in the iTunes store. For example, the Air Conditioning Contractors of America is offering a mobile version of its DuctWheel. Contractors no longer have to carry their DuctWheel with them when its available right on their phone.

Software companies are also getting in the game. Quote Software Inc.’s QuoteExpress, which allows contractors to track project changes and labor hours, can also be downloaded on an Apple phone or tablet.

It’s great to see that the HVAC industry is joining the digital download game. There are those  who say the industry gets behind the times, refusing to go along with change. But this is proof that HVAC associations and manufacturers are seeing the importance of changing technology.

Has your company started using the iPad in its operations? Let us know if you are using smart phones and tablet technology in the field. We’d love to know that you are using your iPad and iPhone for more than just purchasing the latest hit songs.