Wasn't gasoline less than $2 a gallon just a little more than a year ago?

Driving to work the other morning, I noticed my local gas station had raised prices above $4 a gallon.

Today, this number is called "psychologically important" by experts because it is the level at which many people will make longer term changes in their driving habits as a way to cut costs. For sheet metal and HVAC contractors, the quick run-up in gas prices may mean gas will become an expense far more costly than many may have budgeted  for.

In this economy, with the sheet metal industry still struggling, will companies be able to pass along such an increase in the cost of business? Or will too many customers revolt, forcing contractors to absorb the expense at a time when profit margins are already pretty small?

We are working on a story on gas prices and want to know: What are you doing about them?